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Handout about Some Committees in Bylaws (Complete Bylaws Here)


Four standing committees: Elections, Community activities, Budget and finance, Communications and outreach

Elections committee:

• Develops election procedures and standing rules or elections and other related matters in accordance with the bylaws

• Responsible for planning and conducting elections in accordance with the current election procedures

Community activities committee:

• Responsible for activities including, but not limited to, senior activities, youth enrichment, parks, education, public works and public safety issues and actions affecting NSHNC

• Connect NSHNC members to neighborhood programs and institutions

• Responsible for organizing the NSHNC picnic

Budget and finance committee:

• Prepare and present the annual budget to the board

• Monitor and track expenditures annually

• Provide a financial report of the preceding year to the board in the first quarter of the subsequent year

Communications and outreach committee:

• Promote interest in NSHNC

• Publicize NSHNC activities

• Produce and administer communications including, but not limited to, a newsletter, a web-based presence, and social media