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Handout about Some Bylaws Articles (Complete Bylaws Here)

Mission Statement:

To create a community among residents where we all work together to recognize strengths and issues of concern, solicit input from each other, propose actions and work with each other and the City of Kent to enhance the quality of our life on North Scenic Hill.


• A person must live within the boundaries of NSHNC and be at least 16 years old

• Businesses within NSHNC boundaries may have one person representing the business

• Fill in a membership form, providing name, street address, email, and phone number

Dues, Donations, and Fundraising:

• Dues or membership fees are prohibited.

• The NSHNC board may ask for and accept donations or choose to decline offered donations and pursue other fundraising activities not precluded by law

Membership Meetings:

• Four general membership meetings each year with additional special meetings, as needed

• All meetings shall be held at the Senior Center or other public buildings or facilities in Kent

• All meetings are open to the public

• A quorum at meetings is 20 members

• Minutes will be provided following approval at the next board meeting (by 45 days after a general membership meeting)